A future approach towards parking and urban mobility

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Parking changes urban development

Adam Jędrzejewski

My history with parking dates back to 2010, when I established an NGO dealing with parking matters. I did it to express my vision of a city – better organized, user-friendly, eco-friendly and simply smart, a city for people. A city where public space has not only its unique value or defined esthetics, but also its price. A city that can take some difficult long-term decisions such as tidying up urban parking zones, limiting the number of parking spaces, restricting access for private cars to certain areas, increasing parking fees and investing into shared and low emission solutions for urban mobility.

So I do not belong to the popular (unfortunately) mainstream of drivers leaving their cars anywhere while making excuses such as “it’s just for a moment”, “I’m in hurry”, “where am I supposed to park?” or responding rudely “It’s none of your business”. Well, it actually is my business too. We are all sharing the same space and why would the city have to accomodate all the private vehicles? We never agreed to such a thing.

Moreover, owning a personal car in highly urbanized areas is nowadays a kind of a luxury asset you simply must pay for and you can’t expect other citizens to resolve your private mobility needs. Finally, taking into account all the economic, environmental and social constraints resulting from owning a car… I am less and less a driver.

Below you will find my main goals as well as my contact details. I don’t mind speaking English, German or Swedish.


Goal 1

Effective parking policy

Sorting out parking issues is a challenge for every city, today more and more often seen as a necessity in improving quality of urban life.


Goal 2

Freeing up public space

Today, cities don’t need so many parking spaces. Liveable cities have much more space freed up from on-street parking.


Goal 3

Public-Private Partnerships

PPPs are a more effective way of carrying out public tasks such as parking policy and enforcement, parking infrastructure and car sharing.


Goal 4

Sharing economy

Today, highly developed urban areas are not necessarily to be car parks fitting everyone’s car. Luckily, cities offer different means of mobility too.