A future approach towards parking and urban mobility

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Parking changes urban development

Adam Jędrzejewski

Since 2010 and for six years now „Polska Parkuje” (which should be translated as “Poland parks”) has sought to be seen as a “regular” organization – duly organized, pretty much formalized, having an internal structure and a court register number, sending and receiving official letters, etc. This was admittedly a bit impersonal, but at the same time allowed me to deliver my message directly to relevant decision makers.

After several years of activity I’ve decided to give „Polska Parkuje” a more personal look. Of course, giving up the “institutional” image was of a certain risk, but I am convinced that I’ve made the right choice and I’ve taken the most fair approach. Thus, “Polska Parkuje” has been from the very beginning my own initiative expressing my vision of a city – better organized, user-friendly, eco-friendly and simply smart. A city where public space has not only its unique value or defined esthetics, but also its price. A city that can take some difficult long-term decisions such as tidying up urban parking zones, restricting access for private cars to certain areas, allowing both the city authorities and the market to regulate the parking fees and investing into low emission solutions for urban mobility.

So I do not belong to the popular (unfortunately) mainstream of drivers leaving their cars anywhere while making excuses such as “it’s just for a moment”, “I’m in hurry”, “where am I supposed to park?” or responding rudely “It’s none of your business”. Well, it actually is my business too. Let’s not be ignorant. Moreover, in my opinion having a personal car in highly urbanized areas is nowadays a kind of a luxury asset you simply must pay for – for the occupied parking space, for entering some city zones, also for traffic and parking fines. In exchange for this austerity the city is more friendly, better organized, cleaner, safer, healthier, more esthetic and better prospering. Also, I’m not one of those drivers who must park next to the very entrance of my destination. I don’t mind parking a bit further and using for this purpose only parking designated areas. It is feasible, the same as using an alternative mean of transport. Increasingly, I start feeling foolish when traveling alone by car throughout the city.

Below you will find my main goals as well as my contact details. I don’t mind speaking English, German or Swedish.


Goal 1

Effective parking policy

Sorting out parking issues is a challenge for every city, today more and more often seen as a necessity in improving quality of urban life.


Goal 2

Freeing up public space

Today, cities don’t need so many parking spaces. Liveable cities have much more space freed up from on-street parking.


Goal 3

Public-Private Partnerships

PPPs are a more effective way of carrying out public tasks such as parking policy and enforcement, parking infrastructure and car sharing.


Goal 4

Sharing economy

Today, highly developed urban areas are not necessarily to be car parks fitting everyone’s car. Luckily, cities offer different means of mobility too.